Jinbo Sim

-Fluxus Music Studio
-Freelance Engineer
-Hot Space Corporation Chief Engineer (Dolby Atmos Music Studio)

-Loveholic(Invisible Things, Nice Dream, RE-WIND, Dramatic&Cinematic, In The Air) / Urban Zakapa(01, 02, 03, 04)
-Clazziquai(Instant Pig, ZBAM, Color Your Soul, Pinch your soul, LOVE CHILD of the CENTURY,ROBOTICA, MUCHO PUNK, Mucho Beat, Blink)
-Alex(My Vintage Romance, Just Like Me) / Handsome People(Are you handsome?)
-Yi Sung Yol(이날, 이때, 이즈음에..., In Exchange, Why We Fail) / My Aunt Mary(Just Pop, Drift, Circle)
-Bye Bye Sea( Boy's Universe, City Complex, PINK REVOLUTION, 난그대와바다를가르네, 밤새, 안녕히)
-Eastern Sidekick( the FIRST, 추월차로, 굴절률) / Small o(That Will Fall, Temper of water)
-Lena Park(10 Ways To Say I Love You) / Park Ki-young(Woman Being) / Lee Han-chul(순간의 기록) Sohi(Mingle) Jang Jae-in(다른 누구도 아닌 너에게)
-Verbal Jint(Favorite) / Dynamic Duo(Double Dynamite) / Park Jung-min(Not Alone) Jadu(Happy Network)클러치백)
-NC.A (읽어주세요) / Jang Deok Cheol(따스해져) / Winterplay(Choco Snow Ball,Happy Bubble, Happy Snow Bubble, Hot Summerplay, Touche Mon Amour)

Gwonil Park

-Recording Engineer (Seoul Studio / ACME Studio, Mamaroneck, NY)
-KBS Music Director (Music Storage / Top Band 1,2 / All That Music)
-Artist Management (Deulgukhwa Comapny, Oksusajinkwan)
-Immersive Sound Works (Sonic Tier Audio 3D Music Production / Psy 3D Hologram Theater / Kaboom 3D Sound Supervisor / Musical "Monte Cristo" CGV Cinema Contents)
-Production (Naver Musician League Open Studio, Album Production / MAMAMU VP -VR Play)
-Operation (Round Festival Secretariat / Gapyung Music Village 1939)
-Hot Space Corporation CEO (Dolby Atmos Music Studio)

-Han Young Ae “5집 난다” / Musical theatre “태풍” (서울예술단) / Movie “Yonggary” / Movie “Christmas in August” / Movie “Nowhere to Hide” / Movie “Art Museum by the Zoo" /
-Gigs “2집” / Can “Piano” (내 생애 봄날은 간다) / Bigmama “1집” / Gummy “1집” / Musical theatre “Romeo and Juliet” (서울 예술단) / Movie “The Way Home” /
-Lee Juck “2적” / Ares “Machine Ares” / Lee Juck Concert “적군의방”(폴리미디어 극장) / Gigs Concert 2004 (서강대 메리홀) /
-mbc Miniseries “아일랜드” / Every Single Day “2집 Every Single Day” / Panic “4집” / N.EX.T Mtv Pattaya International music festival
-N.EX.T “5.5 regame” / Schizo “2nd” / Peterpan Complex “3집” / sbs Miniseries “Stranger Than Paradise” Music director / N.EX.T with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Performance - Producer
-Shin Hae Chul “Jazz Album” / Oksu Sajinkwan 1집 / Hachi & TJ / Jeong Won-yeong band / Ccotbyel / Jeong Won-yeong “5집” / Deulgukhwa2013 / Jeon In-kwon band / Kang Seung-won 1집 / Oksu Sajinkwan 3집
-Song Hong Sub ensemble / YB 평양공연 실황 / tvN ‘Mr. Sunshine’ title / Sumi Jo Mother / tvN ‘Crash Landing on You’ / 강권순 '지뢰' / Yun Senae ‘민주주의의 노래’